Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rolf's Second Post

"Yesterday at late afternoon I have had my first walk with Nikki and Nikon D800. Located nearby our house is a very old little church (first stones 1008 A.D.) and a 400 years old graveyard.

This graveyard is always one of my testdrives when I got new old lenses. Shooting the old gravestones it is easy to check the sharpness, mirco contrast, 3D capabilities etc. of the respective lens.

Sometimes the responsible parish will show a little exhibition of local artists at this graveyard too. Beside some exhibits inside the church actually 2 very special sculptures are located outside in front of the church.

At a first view they look like aliens but that was for sure not the intention of the artist. She named here sculptures in German „Seelenw├Ąchter 1 + 2“. The best translation in English would be „Soul-Guards 1 + 2“.

Anyway below few images of the soul guards.


All images were taken wide open at ISO 100. As you can see the lens is very sharp with excellent contrast. This will be more visible with the following images and depending the light situation the lens delivers good 3D effects too.

These old tombstones below were taken also wide open at ISO 100. The files were developed with my standard PP (mainly ACR, CS6 with little curve adjustments, final sharpening after resizing)

At a first glance I have to say that this is a wonderful lens producing great IQ. It is better than my ugly older version (see my first post) maybe due to better coating. For my taste I missed a more smooth bokeh wide open but this is of course a very personal point of view."

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