Tuesday, February 19, 2013

John's Fourth Post

"The 1 meter minimum focusing distance on lenses such as Nikki can really 
cramp your style sometimes.
So a PK-11A tube comes to the rescue and shortens that near limit up 
quite a bit allowing for some really close-in images around the house.

Printed books have been replaced by Nooks, but this has not dampened my 
girls' voracious appetite for reading:

I played the board game "Trouble" when I was a kid 40 years ago and it's 
just as popular in our house today.  No batteries required! This game 
has a lot of wear and tear on it and likely won't be passed down to the 
next generation as a family heirloom.

What do you do when it's cold, gloomy, and a bit rainy outside in 
Seattle?  Why of course you make rainbow cupcakes!"

John's Third Post

"Had a few moments with the family to go through Pike Place Market in 
downtown Seattle.
This is perhaps one of the most photographed places in Seattle, so I 
tried to take some images that are not typical.
I confirmed what I already knew which is that I suck at dynamic people 
photography - I have many images in my "discard" folder . . .

Here are a few from the day:

The iconic Pike Place Market sign from a slightly different view:

Lots of artists, craftsmen, and entertainers . . .

Lots of interesting colors:

And then there's the lesser know "gum wall" below the market in an alley 
that has become quite the tourist draw, but is not to some peoples taste...

The market also has some interesting architecture as well.
Both up above -

and down low -

And finally there's the more interesting people that work there:

I think some general city photography is up next and that may be it for 
my time with Nikki . ."


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

John's Second Post

"Nikki was taken on a back country ski trip at the crest of the central 
Cascades. A place called Kendall Knobs that consists of a closed off
logging road that takes you to the top of the mountain.
We got up to around 4,400 ft and found ourselves in a clearing with a
couple of feet of new snow, blue skies, and a very nice temperature for
hanging out for a bit.

New pair of back country skis getting broken in on some fresh snow. My
leg muscles would be complaining loudly the next day.

My partner for the day leaving me in the dust - he's a way better skier
than I.

Ski poles in the low clouds and shadows.

Evergreens in the fog.

Some very cold looking snowboarders/skiers camped out on the snow - no
tent, just a tarp and some bivy bags.

Low clouds in the valley below and blue skies above.

The way back.

A dead tree in an interesting place.

Nikki does not like being pointed into the sun.

Ski tracks.

My "Freak" of a friend enjoying the warm sun and a snack.

The photographer getting his image taken.

Crowded trail head at the end of the ski."

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

John's First Post

I had 20 minutes or so to do some quick shots with Nikki early this evening. So here's the first installment:

Salmon hold a high place around these parts:

Ferries passing each other in Puget Sound at the start of evening:

Some strange pre-evening light and the ever ubiquitous seagulls:

Yes, there is a West Coast Lady Liberty, she's just a tad smaller than her East Coast counterpart:

Makes you wonder what kind of special person Clarence Link was:


Three friends and a low tide:

Learning to ride a bike Seattle style:

Blue hour: Olympic Mountains & Puget Sound: