Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laura's Second Post

                                                                                                                                 Nikki came back today from the emergency surgery at APS, and appears to be as good as new. Shots of the loaner car that I've been using while my Crown Vic has had surgery of its own (Headlight Control Module replacement for headlights that would turn off while you were driving, at night, not a good thing to have happen!) Nikon D700 & Nikki at f/1.8.

2013 Lincoln MKZ

Another stop for the Crown Vic to visit and have some bearing work done tomorrow and saw some racing slicks there.

Then this evening, a trip to the cemetery and a nearby tree had some flowers planted around it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Laura's First Post

"Nikki started off the tour through Miami Valley by visiting Yellow Springs, Ohio. I decided to finally stop and get a shot of this sign on Dayton Road, and much to my delight, discovered that it's made of ceramic tiles, fired in town somewhere. Nikki is sitting on the G. Shot with the V1 and 50mm f/1.2

Closeup of one of the tile pieces that caught my eye.


Next stop was the local NPR station, WYSO, which just moved to new facilities this summer, a large improvement over the basement in the other building. You can check out their broadcast by streaming them through, plenty of
variety there.
I was going to look for more of the tile installations that I was told about, but instead wound up in Glen Helen and walked around. Saw this leaf standing up in the rain spout

And a few steps to the right changed the lighting completely

 Some leaves on the ground

And some still on trees                             

A dry creek bed full of leaves

And berries for the birds

A fallen tree still providing homes and food
The hula hoop caught my eye

 I heard the sound of a waterfall, and started my descent to find it. Came across this bridge
There are some steps at the end to go down. Then came across this fallen log and see that the food chain continues on

And finally, the waterfall I was hearing was just a little tiny one that had a good echo chamber behind it :) V1 @ 1.8
 D700 @ f/11
Turned around to go home and took this of the creek the waterfall empties in to.
 Passed by the log again
 More berries for birds
 Stopped for a pose, D700 and 50mm f/1.2

 And the wavy bridge I had to recross.

As soon as Nikki gets back from emergency surgery, currently scheduled on Tuesday, I'll head out and shoot some more. Unless otherwise noted, all shots are from the Nikon 1 V1 camera with FT1 attachment at f/1.8 and ISO 100."

Monday, October 15, 2012

Chuong's First Post

"Fountain square, Cincinnati. Founded in 1871. Life size statues. Background was a lovely lady who was a bit drunk.

 From a park in Cincinnati.

  I was walking in a park and spotted this man taking a break with this cell.

  My daughter is enjoying the train ride to a pumpkin patch.

 Just a bee :)

 Night shot in downtown.

  Chaos in the water.

 Statue from one of the oldest cemeteries in Cincinnati. Opened in 1843.

 Purple People bridge.

 Another shot at Fountain Square."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Scott's Seventh and Final Post

"For Nikki's last night in town, she wanted to have some fun. So we
headed off to Ontario Beach Park to ride the carousel. Built in 1905 it
features all hand carved animals. The best dollar ride in town! She
headed out to her next destination the morning. What a great adventure!
Special thanks to Ben, Curtis, and Leighton for making this all

All images are taken with Nikki, unless otherwise noted.

Taken with a 20mm f3.5

Taken with a 20mm f3.5

Scott's Sixth Post

"No tour around the world would be complete without a visit to Niagara
Falls. As part of Nikki's visit to Western New York we made time to
spend an afternoon there. Nikki was tempted to ride the Maid of the
Mist, but as you can see by the photos, it would have been a very wet
ride! All images taken with Nikki.

American Falls.

American Falls with Canadian Falls in the distance.

 Maid of the Mist.

Maid of the Mist at the base of the Canadian Falls.