Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rinie's last images from Nikki.

"Whenever my window is open at the front side, Japie and Femmus are hanging out there, checking everything that is going on at the street. I guess ONE day they will tell me what's happening out there....
Especially Femmus has his front legs far out, and they are well known by the people who live here. Both my cats are an endless joy!
Japie: I spy with my little eye.....
Nikki @ f/2.0

Only his ears, and a small part of one of his eyes are visible, but Femmus on the other hand....
Nikki @ f/2.0

On Tuesday's I have singing lessons in Delft, and while Nikki was here I took her out to see Delft. This is a lovely old town near Rotterdam where I've lived for almost 20 years. Curtis has posted a lot of photo's of Delft

Hope, you've enjoyed my adventures with Nikki. I certainly did! I've created quite a few panorama's because of the length of the lens, but that was a good experience. Now I know, that even with a long, you do not always need to zoom with your legs;)
Here's the tower of the 'New Church'. Thake that 'new' with a grain of salt as we say here, the first stone was laid at 1393. Anyway, stitch of 5 photo's, Nikki @ f/4

This is my favorite corner in Delft at the back of the new church
Nikki @ f/8
And some from last Saturday in Rotterdam, nice clouds in the sky.

This is a view on the south side of 'my island'.
Nikki @ f/16
A lens and a bridge.
Can someone say something about the rather strange colors in the sky? Green and purple. This is an SOOC image, just resized
@ f/5.6

A model and a bridge

A lens and a view from the Euromast
@f/ 4
And finally our two kinds of watertaxi's. Very different, both an experience!
@ f/4

And the fast one, with my island in the background
@ f/8"

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