Friday, July 6, 2012

Chris' First Post

Here is Chris' first post with Nikki.

"Nikki is/was already 2 days in my possession and finaly I had the time to open the box (after 2 busy days at the office and 2 Pearl Jam concerts in the evening)

It's a nice lens but it's much heavier as I expected.
Focusing is smooth but difficult on my D800E.
I removed the NC filter as I don't like filters and always have the hood on.

I made the inevitable un-boxing image.

 As the weather forecast is lousy (wind and rain) I took a few pictures with Nikki in our Garden.

I'm more a kind of bird guy, so don't expect any cat pictures from me.

 One with F22 and one with F2; to see the difference and bokeh

The last one is heavily cropped as the lens' MFD is about 1 meter (over 3ft at the other side of the pond). 36Mpx leaves a lot of space to crop..
I thought let's put a tube in front of it.
The next pictures are all shot with a 36mm Kenko tube."


  1. Your woman friend is to be commended Chris on your beautiful garden. Gorgeous close photos. You know I love them.

  2. Thanks Curtis I will pass it thru. She will appreciate it.