Saturday, July 7, 2012

Chris' Fourth Post

"This time I went to the Begijnhof a very old and quiet place in the middle of Amsterdam. The difference is enormous if you enter it from the Kalverstraat (the busiest shopping street in Amsterdam) unbelievable how peaceful this place is in the middle of busy Amsterdam. Even the tourists lower their voices when they visit it. :-)
The foundation of this (closed) courtyard goes back as early as 1307. You can visit it between 09:00 - 17:00

If you want some background about the Beguinage you can read some more here:

I didn't enter the churches this time as there where services going on.

14 image stitch of the Begijnhof. A 1.6Gb Tiff file which gave some trouble to my old (2008) but pimped MacBook Pro.

I still like the wide performance of Nikki the best. First at F2, second at F8.

A so called "Begijntje" (Beguines). 
The women were not nuns and nor did they live in the seclusion of a convent. They had no founders nor did they make lifelong vows. They did have to be unmarried, to make a vow of chastity and to promise obedience to the parish priest, but since they were not expected to make a vow of poverty, they were free to dispose of their own. 

One of the two entrances."

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