Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chris' Sixth Post

"The second day I took Nikki to an very old pub (somewhere from the mid 1600's)

A apoligise because this is not a Nikon/MF picture as I only had one camera/lens with me
iPhone and some noise reduction.

 Some old and decorative beer pumps

One of my favorite pubs Wijnand Fockink, a spirits and liqueur distillery, founded in 1679 and still in business. They make a few beers, all kinds liquors and spirits and you can book a tour and/or tasting.
My favorite is the WF Superior, a jenever matured in Bourbon casks.

Their website:
I think the place is in the Lonely Planet as a lot of tourist visit the place for a (mostly one) drink.

We were a little bit early, the pub is only open from 15:00-21:00

On the fa├žade of the building.
A 3 stich pano as the corridor is 3-4 meters wide/small.

This is no barrel distortion but bottle distortion.
A 4 image pano stitch.

Very old beer pumps

 A WF Superior, guess whom's :-)

 To wash/clean the glasses."


  1. Definitely looks like a wonderful place to visit Chris. One of the things I enjoy best about traveling is visiting places such as this which are so far removed from what we typically find in the country. Old Europe fascinates me but then I'm an historian at heart...

  2. I can imagine sitting in here with all my buddies from FM laughing and talking the night away. Really nice what you've done with Nikki, Chris.