Friday, August 3, 2012

Rolf"s Third Post

"Out Of Service"

"Today I visited the Heinrichshütte Ironworks at Hattingen – a town with approx. 50.000 inhabitants nearby.

For 150 years the sparks were flying at the blast furnaces at the Henrichshütte ironworks when the kilns were opened to spew out the molten iron.

Over 10.000 people once worked here on the gigantic site, producing coke, and casting, rolling and forging iron and steel.

Since 2003 the Heinrichshütte is now out of service. In 1987 both blast furnaces were closed. One of them were dismantled and sold to China in 1990.

The remaining blast furnace was built in 1940 and he is still there as a part of the museum.

I like to go to this museum very often to take different images of all the old things now out of order. If the weather is bad and rainy I like to shot in b&w to boost the dreariness you will find at that place.

But today the weather was fine and during sundown you will find also fascinating colours and things there. Below few samples of my walk around from this late afternoon.

During my next post I will show more of the plant itself and we will go together at the top of the blast furnace.

All images with D800 and Nikki most wide open."



  1. Rolf,

    I like this set very much. I imagine this old place has all types of potential. There's nothing like rust to make an image sparkle, well done sir.

  2. Great images Rolf! You were inspired to take Nikki there!

  3. Always love seeing rust and the best place to find that, in my opinion is in old buildings like this. Love set of images Rolf.


  4. Very good images Rolf - it is very interesting to see the subtle variations in colour as Nikki moves from user to user. No doubt some are inherent in the different camera models and the specific menu settings and others will be the result of differing times of day and exposure times.

    The whole trip so far has been very inspiring.


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  6. Excellent post, love the subtle, washed out colors and all the texture!