Monday, July 9, 2012

Chris' Ninth and Last Post

"My last post with Nikki is with some random shots of places in Amsterdam.

A 5 stich pano from the Damrak (near central station). This is the back of the houses situated in the "Warmoesstraat" a famous street in the red-light district.

My favorite, a symmetric peaceful image. An image of the "Zuiderkerk" from the Groenburg canal. This church is build in the 17th century and the first protestants church. The church is build in the Dutch renaissance style.

The famous skinny bridge across the river Amstel and opposite of the Carré theatre, is an Old Dutch design wooden bridge known as a double-swipe (balanced) bridge. Tradition relates that the bridge was named after the sisters Mager, who lived on the opposite sides of the river. They wanted to visit each other more often and decided to build a bridge. After a while they ran out of money and the last part of the bridge was so narrow (mager means skinny in Dutch), that it was hard for two pedestrians to pass one along another.

4 stitch pano

No pano, just a crop

2 stich image of "De Waag" , "The Weigh House"
The weigh house was originally built in 1488 as one of 3 major Amsterdam’s city gates, St Anthony’s Port. In 1601 the city’s walls were torn down to allow Amsterdam to expand further. St Anthony’s Port remained standing, although it was now redundant. On either side, part of the canals were filled in to create a square: St Anthony’s Market – since renamed Nieuwmarkt. In 1617 the former city gate was provided with a new function: that of weigh house."


  1. Nikki certainly had a wonderful time in Holland despite being taken to some dubious areas. I hope that she recovers in France and is kept away from the Reeperbahn when she gets to Germany.