Monday, June 25, 2012

More from our friends Rinie and Nikki, part 2.

"At the end of the day, while Nikki is back in the box (I planned to bike to Chris today, but the weather was so bad), I want to post a couple of photo's taken on my stroll over the island tonight. The barge Nikki was still there, and there was someone on board to whom I could ask whether I could take some picture ON board and WHY I wanted to do that. He put down a ladder for me and I climbed on board. The funny thing is that HE came up with the shot of the small blue boat with the name on it. It was fun.
As it is late, it's a bit of quick&dirty processing, but I wanted to get these posted.
Leighton, I will have more photos to post, but this is a nice farewell post for Nikki.
It was great fun to have her here, and I wish you all a lot of fun too.

With Nikki @ f/11
 OF Nikki, along the quay, with the 35mm. @ f16
 With the 35mm. @ f/8
Now Nikki is back in the box, and I will drop her off at the post office, on her way to Chris in Amsterdam, but NOT after I gave her a good clean-up. I think I found some remains of Noodle soup… LOLLOL Just kidding of course
 Have fun, Chris!"

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