Monday, April 29, 2013

Curtis' Twelfth Post

"The last part of my adventure with Nikki included two visits to San Francisco, the first by car, the second by ferry. Over the next few posts I’ll highlight those two journeys.

I’ll begin with a series of photos of Golden Gate bridge from the south. Since I live on the north side of the bridge virtually all the photos I’ve shared online have been taken from Marin Headlands, Fort Baker or other north bay locations. I’ll begin with a classic shot taken from Baker Beach just south of the bridge, then move closer. Most of the photos were taken with the 85 f/1.8 H.C. AI’d we lovingly refer to as Nikki, but when I need a wider perspective I used the 24 f/2.8 N.C. AI’d, a lens of the same era as Nikki.

As often happens there is fog sliding through the Golden Gate that shrouds the bridge and San Francisco. On the opposite shore you will see the sun is shining in Marin County where I live. Differences in micro-climate are great because of the proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the series of bays around which the cities of the region were built. The saying is “if you don’t like the weather wait three days or drive ten miles...”

Here’s a shot conveying the “feel” of the day. It was windy and chilly close to the beach.

But you can see blue sky in Marin...

I’d parked on the west side of the bridge approach and walked through a passageway beneath the road, which gave me some great views of the bridge structure.  Here’s a shot taken with the 24mm lens, black and white, again to convey the feel of the day.

And a few details...

The bridge structure at the southern approach to the suspended span rests on rubber cushions as shown in the second photo above.  Because we’re in earthquake country bridge designers had to permit movement during a seismic event.  The guides hold the bridge in place but there is room for movement when needed.

But most lovers of this bridge come for its beauty rather than is structural design.  Here is a postcard shot taken with the 24mm lens.

And this is what happens at the bridge all day, every day except perhaps when it is raining.  Folks stand with the bridge in the background and have friends take their photo as happened for this woman.  Her friend was standing next to me sizing up her shot.  My wide lens caught the woman so here you are.

Now back in my car for a journey into San Francisco.  I’ll share one more photo of the bridge taken from a public golf course that overlooks the Golden Gate which is the entrance to the bay for which the bridge is named, then move on."

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