Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Curtis' Third Post

"I knew that one of the places I would visit during Nikki’s visit a San Francisco Bay Area landmark, the Golden Gate bridge. In fact, I visited the area a number of times. With this post I’ll focus on the north end of the bridge that is anchored in Marin County. I live fifteen miles to the north of the bridge.

I’ll begin by showing off a couple of photos of Nikki with scenes from a vista point just north of the bridge. I was surrounded by tourists on the day of my visit. These two shots were taken with the 35 f/2 O AI’d, a sibling from the pre-AI era of Nikkor lenses. The first shot shows the bridge in the background, the second shows the skyline of San Francisco on the opposite side of the bay.



 And here are a few shots of the bridge from different perspectives using Nikki.
Fort Baker surrounds the northern anchorage of the bridge and is a favorite location for taking photos both of the bridge and San Francisco.

And here is a photo of the bridge from the top of Marin Headlands with San Francisco in the distance. A visit to the bridge is not complete without a drive up the Headlands. Probably some of the photos you've seen taken by friends who've visited this region were taken somewhere along the road that winds up the face of the Headlands. The biggest challenge is finding parking… LOL
And here I go a bit farther afield to show the view of the bridge from Belvedere, an island with majestic homes and stunning views.
 My next post I’ll share a few more photos taken around the bridge on that first visit.

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