Thursday, April 25, 2013

Curtis' Sixth Post

"I’ll begin the visit to the Pacific Ocean with a couple of photos from Muir Beach that were taken the day I visited Green Gulch Zen Center, then continue with photos taken along Highway 1 above the Pacific Ocean toward Stinson Beach and points north.  I’ll mix in a few photos taken with other lenses since Nikki, a medium range telephoto lens is not best suited for some kinds of landscape shooting.  The lenses used will be identified.  They are all from the same era as Nikki, pre-AI lenses converted using a kit made available by Nikon but no longer available.

And here are three shots taken with the 24 f/2.8 N.C. AI’d lens, the first looking south toward Muir Beach from a vista point off Highway 1, the second showing cabins at the edge of the ocean available for rent and the third peering down toward Stinson Beach.

In the next post we’ll head down to Stinson Beach before heading north."

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