Thursday, April 25, 2013

Curtis' Fifth Post

"Actually, the stop in Sausalito was on another day, but since it is close to the bridge, as well as being on San Francisco Bay, this is a reasonable place to add these photos.  However, I did take one photo from my car on my way home that first day.  I share it because ice cream will become a theme during my second visit...

And, of course, there were photographers at work here as well.  Nikki was smiling.

It is a great place for girl watching too and I had to post a couple of photos simply to satisfy those among us who have an interest in such things...

Next we’ll take a trip to the Pacific Ocean. The opportunities to explore in the Bay area are great. The challenge is to fill the two weeks I have the lens with as much as possible without exhausting myself. I’m an old man after all… LOL"

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