Monday, April 29, 2013

Curtis' Thirteenth Post

"On my way into San Francisco I drove along the beach and then into Golden Gate Park, but the overcast skies made the scene less than ideal. I did stop, however, at the Palace of the Legion of Honor with a tip of the hat to our friend Philippe who lives in France. This building is 3/4 scale version of the Palais de la Legion d’Honneur in Paris and has a collection of sculptures by Auguste Rodin whose museum is also in Paris. His “Thinker” can be seen in the courtyard beyond the portico, though I understand this man’s work has been replicated and each piece is found at multiple locations. Nonetheless, it is wonderful to have these powerful pieces as part of the permanent collection of what is an outstanding museum.

The Palace is on a hill so turning east one can look over the surrounding golf course toward downtown. Again, a black and white image makes sense for it conveys the feel of the day.

As I drove into the city, having traveled less than ten miles, I found some sun. I also found what I’d hoped to photograph, a few of the Victorian houses so much associated with San Francisco. Most often the tight spaces required I shoot with the 24 f/2.8 N.C. AI’d, Nikki’s companion from the early nineteen seventies when both lenses were in production. I wandered through streets south of what is called “the panhandle” that leads to the Golden Gate Park. If you see a map of the area you’ll understand how that name makes sense.

The last shot above was taken at Alamo Square, a favorite spot for tourists to capture photos of Victorians with the downtown skyline in the background.  This is one such shot, also taken with the 24mm lens.

But Nikki got in the act as well...

Next we’ll take a ferry ride, courtesy of a friend who bought a ticket for me when I told her the story about Nikki’s journey and of my intention to travel the city by cable car.  She takes the ferry regularly to work and when I mused about what delight that might be for a photographer, she made her surprise gift.  Thanks Joan!"

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  1. Thanks you so much, Curtis, for the Palace of the Legion of Honor picture and the very interesting link.
    I must say, being the son of a "Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur", I found the San-Francisco 3/4 scale version of the french Palais de la LH quite moving and fascinating.
    Thanks again and vive l'amitié franco-américaine!