Sunday, August 5, 2012

Rolf's Fifth Post

Toy Train

Due to bad weather I must change the title and the content of this post. „ARKO – or individual rights“ will be publish a little bit later.

I thought that it would be perhaps a good idea taking some macro shots with Nikki instead.

Since many years I’m a collector of toy trains (only special editions and only  electric locomotives)

Below few samples out of my collection. The locomotives are from railway companies from France, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

On the last image you can see the very famous „Krokodil“. The original locomotives were built from 1919 up to 1922 and were in duty until 1986. Main field of application was as a freight locomotive for the rail line over the St. Gotthard mountain/Switzerland.

All images with D800 and Nikki, extention tubes and tripod at aperture f/4 and ISO 100


  1. Impressive pictures and toys!

  2. Very nice models and that last one is sweet!


  3. Wow you're really putting it through the paces Rolf!

  4. Those bring up memories.
    Isn't the last one called "The Crocodile"?