Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mihai's Second Post

NIKKI IN ROMANIA (II) - Voronet Monastery (I)

Bucovina, the Northeastern part of Romania is famous for its medieval
monasteries with beautiful painted walls. One of the most known is
Voronet Monastery. It was built in just four months back in 1488 and
the walls were painted in its first 40 years. The western wall is
completely painted with an impressive version of The Last Judgement.
All these monasteries have the northern walls pictures almost wiped
down because of the strong winds, rain, etc... but the others are very
well preserved. As a mention Voronet is famous in the art history for
its unique 'blue' known as 'blue of Voronet'.

The first image is done with an UWA AF beast, everything else are with Nikki.

 This last image is with a special dedication for Curtis! Friends knows why!

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