Friday, August 31, 2012

Mihai's Eight Post


In the Northwestern part of Romania, the area we call Maramures, I
went for accommodation to a nice B&B run by an artist, a very gifted
and sensitive one, with multidisciplinary skills and interests. The
name of the B&B is "The Potter's House" and one major area of interest
of its owner is of course pottery. I was amazed to see what this man
is producing. From time to time he is offering to his guests free
demonstrations and as well introductory lessons for those interested.
This group of pictures is from a such as demonstrative lesson... my
only regret is that I wasn't there at the beginning.

As a technical notice... Nikki was used mostly at f2 and f2.8... I am
surprised how well it performs at these apertures. I'm so thankful to
Ben for his generous offer to share with us this great piece of metal
and glass! Nikki really rulz!

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