Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rolf"s Fourth Post

The Old Steel Plant

As I have written yesterday now a little round tour over the area of the old steel plant which is now an industrial museum.

At first few random shots and then we will visit together the 60 meters high blast furnace from where you will have a wonderful view around the plant and the area.

The last 2 HDR images are a little bit older and not taken with a Nikon lens.

Unfortunately the focal length of Nikki is too long for the location so I hope you agree that I will show here 2 images taken with a Canon tilt and shift lens few years ago. It is only to show the spectacular lights there at night.

My next post Monday or Tuesday will have the title „ARKO – or individual rights“

Here we go!


  1. WOW!!!
    What a wonderful group of photographs!

  2. Wonderful set Rolf. So many angles and interesting objects to play with at a site like this. I can imagine Monty could relate to all of this given where he works. Great work with Nikki...