Sunday, June 3, 2012

Here is Chin's (Zichar) last post. He's had his time with Nikki, and now she's off to Dean in Hong Kong. The journey continues...

"Here's the rest from my walkabout in Little India:

The billboard from across the street was striking... a restaurant if I'm not mistaken. 

Went to the same temple Anton and I were at the last time he was in town, Sri Veerakaliamman temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kali.
The door to the temple, which somehow reminds me of something Curtis posted not long ago.

Small niches line the wall, where statues of deities are placed within
Herein lies Lord Ganesha.

 Thought this would be a great subject for bokeh, the oil lamp in front of a shrine, the background a trail of lights that snaked around the sides.

Imagined this to look great as a pano crop. The deity looks like it has a feline head, human body? 

From the mirror inside the temple, taking in the other tourists in its reflection.

Embarrassingly, I admit that nearing the end of the journey I got increasingly frustrated with my ability to manual focus accurately; my fingers jabbing the delete button hastily at out of focused eyes, chins, noses
I thought back then to John's recent 'shoot from the hip' plane shot, and decided to pre-focus to 5 meters and f/8, raising the camera to my eye when needed.
I missed this one, but thought it was a good addition to the album.
Korean tourists taking in a trishaw ride... 

Also inspired by the rest of you who take portraits of weather-beaten elder folk (Philippe, Curtis, Monty), my radar was attuned to look out for textured faces and facial hair.
And then from around the corner, aha! 
An elderly woman, trying to mother her grandchild while keeping an eye out on the traffic for an empty cab. 
I rested my back on the adjacent pillar, trying to look as cool and casual as possible, and waited for her to turn, as she oft would do to chide her granddaughter to stop running around.
When she did... 

Garlands of thousands and thousands of tiny chrysanthemum, jasmine and rose."


  1. WOW! Chin, I only hope I can entertain Nikki as well as you did. Very nice work.


  2. Superb shooting, and I especially like the bokeh in shots #2 and #4!

    1. Sorry, forgot to add my name...Don Jean

  3. Thanks for dropping by Don!
    You should check out the post 2 before this:
    Totally inspired by your work in the alleys of Italy


  4. Chin. I live about 80km outside Cape Town. If you feel inclined to send Nikki over here, I'll show him/her a good time for a few days.

    Best contact me at: