Monday, June 25, 2012

More from our friends Rinie and Nikki.

"It's about time that I give you a couple of more photo's taken with Nikki. 
So I'm sorting them a little bit more, and finding photo's that are worth posting. 
I'll start with a couple of more photo's from my visit at the market last week Saturday.  I have taken many photo's last week, as I thought I'd give Nikki a good work-out :), but I am such a BIG procrastinator when it comes to selecting and processing images for this thread, that a lot time is spent on that …. 

Anyway, all taken withNikki (85mm. H)

Stroopwafels, Dutch treat, but apparently you can get them at Starbucks nowadays. Curtis loves them ,and so does my Canadian family (of course), and my friends from Spain. Probably known to Dean then as well.

Grilled chicken through a greasy window, but I LOVED the colors (sorry Monty)

Spring onions @ f/4

Hmmm, ripe mango! I love it

Grapefruit @ f/2.8. I have NO idea why they call this a grapefruit, there's really nothing that reminds me of grapes. Anyway, Nikki is a pretty sharp lens as this is a 100% crop. 

Wake up, Monty!!! Strong Espresso! Nikki in my kitchen at f2.8"

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  1. I love these shots from your market Rinie,