Friday, June 8, 2012

Well, the lens has shown up in the hands of Dean in Hong Kong. Here's his first post.

"Taking Nikki out for the day .. finally 
Our first stop was the Star Ferry on Victoria Harbour.
It's pretty hazy out here today ... hopefully it clears up.
We are going to try to get to a few different locations today. 
Anyway, here's some of the Star Ferry and Victoria Harbour - 

Nikki & I are bored out of our brains riding the metro to Tung Chung so we thought we'd get some metro pics in ... still a few stations left ....... 

Anything with Nikki in the image was taken by the 28mm f/2 Ai-S.

Some from the Big Buddha ....

Nikki enjoyed the cable car ride over !

All taken with Nikki .. unless she's in the pic and taken by the 28/2 Ai-S.

We went all the way to Diamond Hill and visited the Ghi Lin Nunnery ... this is one of the most beautiful places in HK ... or anywhere for that matter. And once again ... I really knew nothing about the place. You could explore this city every day for a year and still find new and interesting places to visit.

Sorry for sucking up everyone's bandwidth ... but it is Nikki.

Nikki took all the images except the ones she's in ... taken by the 28/2 Ai-S.

Not a very good pano .. but you get the picture. This is a tiny section as well ... the place is massive.

Quite possibly the prettiest "Keep of the Grass" sign anywhere ... the attention to detail in this place is amazing.

Nikki tried to apply for a spot in the nunnery on account of how nice it looked, but was promptly rejected on account of all that mounting she'd been doing over the past 40 years ....

... not finished yet !

Nikki went birding at the Nunnery as well.

Here's a 100% crop ... she's pretty sharp !! This was @ f/4 with the 2X TC.

... and a couple more for good measure ... promise I'll stop now !!

The beautiful and the banal ...."


  1. Outstanding images Dean! The first three people Who have used this lens are setting the bar EXTREMELY high!


  2. Dean, I LOVE the picture of the people climbing the stairs to the huge statue. THe one w/o Nikki :)
    Great perspective

  3. Great variety, Dean - impressive. Well done.