Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ooops! This really is Chin's last post! Seems he forgot about his Chinatown pictures with Nikki. :)

"Trying to muscle in on Dean's territory, I took half the day off to visit the temple near my office.
It was a challenge as conditions within were dark, the grandeur of the temple called for something much wider than 85mm
Here are the results: 

Two stone guardians in front of the temple. Searched on Flickr and realised the gold paint was added after, there are plenty of photos when they didn't have them.

To go along with the Indian temple door knockers ... here's the one on the Chinese temple door! 

And the gilded signage above, pretty ornate stuff!

I've never encountered this before, the practice of having a guardian Buddha linked to one's Chinese Zodiac.

A huge Dharma prayer wheel in the rooftop garden of the temple
Visitors would hold the metal rail at the bottom and walk round the room
A click-wheel mechanism within would sound a tiny gong when one travels one circle
Without a tripod, I stepped outside, braced myself, dropped the aperture and tried a 1 second exposure; waiting for other tourists to walk the wheel
Even with such self-steadying techniques, I couldn't avoid the base of the wheel from being such a mess."

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  1. Awesome series Chin - you've set the standard and are going to be a hard act to follow

    Peter (Oosty)