Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scott's Fifth Post

"Nikki decided she wanted to tour the countryside a bit, so it off to
Letchworth State Park. Here the Genesee River flows north towards
Rochester, cutting a lovely 600 feet deep gorge with several major

Nikki's first view of the gorge is from Inspiration Point of the
Middle Falls. Upper Falls can be seen in the distance at the base of
the railroad bridge. This bridge is over a hundred years old and
modern freight trains still use it today, at very slow speeds. 

 Taken with Nikki.

 Nikki enjoying the view. Taken with 50mm 1.4.

Nikki at Middle Falls. Taken with 20mm 3.5.

 Middle Falls. Taken with Nikki.

 Middle Falls detail. Taken with Nikki.

 Middle Falls detail. Taken with Nikki.

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