Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Don's First Post

Although of a certain age (40 or so years, but, of course, it’s not polite to mention a woman’s age), Nikki performs extraordinarily well on the latest Nikkor digital cameras. The only problem I notice so far is that even though I set the non CPU lens data at f/1.8, my camera (a D3s) registers Nikki wide open at f/2. From the “real” f/2 and on, however, f-stops are registered correctly. It’s probably just a problem with the linkage in the aperture (or whatever...I’m not very technical). Nikki is quick to focus in good light, but I did have a few minor problems when it got dark. Probably due to the operator’s headspace and timing and lack of practice. So here are several shots from Venice. I even included some taken during daylight!

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