Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mihai's Tenth Post

NIKKI IN ROMANIA (X) - The Wooden Church from Surdesti, Maramures

One of the famous landmarks of Maramures consists in its wooden
Churches. Having a unique architectural design these Churches are
really different and impressive. The Church from Surdesti you'll see
in the following images has been built in 1766 as a Greek-Catholic
Church and is one of the tallest buildings built completely from wood
in the World. It measures 72 meters, only the tower being of 54
meters. I've been very impressed when visiting it by its position,
design and simplicity. Unlike other pretentious worship places this
one does not include very expensive decorations but instead lot of
traditional handmade stuff. It was not built by a sophisticated King
or by an important rich person. It is the worship place of an isolated
village and it fully involves the simplicity of its founders. It is
definitely a peaceful place and I enjoyed not only to take pictures
but also to have there a quiet time after a tiring trip. Since its
size and position it was impossible to have a full size view taken
with Nikki so the first image was taken with my AF beast... Also by a
regrettable mistake the Exif of some images tells about a 35/2 AI-S
lens... It is not... it was Nikki, the 85/1.8 HC AI'd lens that
travels around the world. It was my fault to not tell the camera which
lens is there. Ladies and gentlemen: The Church of St Archangels from
Surdesti, Maramures!

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