Friday, March 1, 2013

John's Fifth and Last Post

"I really needed to get Nikki on her way, but felt I needed one more 
session with her.
Work, the flu, and family life had eaten up a lot of time the last few 
weeks, so I carved out an hour this afternoon and found what I could 
near the Seattle Center on a typical dreary winter day here in the great 
Pacific North West.

Seattle is a city in flux - a lot of modern buildings going up made of 
glass and steel:

While directly across the street is a building that is about 100 years 
old made of mortar, brick and about 50 layers of paint:

We have a large variety of opinions around here and Mary Jane is 
apparently here to stay:

It wouldn't be a visit to Seattle without going to the Space Needle - 
Seattle's most famous eyesore that all of us are proud of.
In this case seen as most tourists do before taking the elevators to the 

Some of you may know of this famous Seattle guy:

He has his stuff just about everywhere:

Definitely NOT a Chihuly creation:

The Experience Music Project (otherwise know as the EMP) is another
Seattle eyesore that makes us famous.
From far away it's a very strange structure, but up close it's a
photographer's dream:

Finally, the old of the 1960's reflected in the new of the 21st Century:

Kind of like a 85mm f/1.8 Nikkor-HC mounted on a Nikon D800 . . ."

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