Saturday, May 19, 2012

This blog was started to document the journey of a Nikon lens around the world! The entries in this blog will come from Nikon manual lens users from around the world. The lens, which the group has started to call "Nikki" is a Nikon 85mm f1.8HC. It was loaned out for this endeavor by Ben (Bruni) of Australia. Many thanks to Ben! 

This lens project and subsequent blog came about because of a thread started by Curtis Grindahl on the Fred Miranda Forum entitled "Manual Focus Nikon Glass". When he started the thread because of his love of these old lenses, little did he know that it would end up with such a huge following. Everyone that contributes to this thread has the same love for the Nikon manual focus lenses and the use thereof. 

Chin (Zichar), says it all when he writes:

"I think this cannot be said enough:
Ben you are an incredibly generous person.

Everyone (and I exaggerate not) I have met exclaims in shock and amazement when I first let them know of Nikki’s adventure.

The chorus of chatter recycle the same litany of phrases and questions, eyebrows going from low to raised high as one goes down the list:
What if it goes missing?
Or someone decides to keep the lens?
And declares it missing?
How do you know these people?
Do you *know *these people?
You’ve never met any face-to-face?!

Then the kicker comes, when informed that the lens was not bought by all of us, but contributed by a member of our group, from faraway Sydney, Australia.

Imagine the wailing of women, howls and shrieks accompanied by the beating of breasts.
Cries of disbelief – without financial ownership, who’s to say, chaos and anarchy will rule!

There are dark days when I lose grasp on my principles - to believe in the innate kindness of man (Rousseau/Kant)

Then the thought that the lens in my hand was entrusted to me by a collective of internet forumers, brings warmth to my heart
And the world feels righted on its axis once again."

All of the images in this blog will be taken by the members of this thread. Hope you like it!

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