Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here's Chin's (Zichar) next entry. This time taken with the lens mounted on his D700.

Chin writes:

"I had made a short list of things to shoot with a 85mm
On top of that list, the condominium 3 streets away - the Heliconia
A long exposure perhaps, the skies streaking off its tip
Until I mounted the lens on my camera and took a peek through the viewfinder
And found that I could just about peer into the living rooms of residents there...
Oh well, with so many pinpricks of lights, an experiment in bokeh balls will have to do..."

"Almost didn't make it for my shoot, had some last minute engagements, managed to squeeze in some. Only had her, my one and only attached, thinking this is the best way to force myself and not cop out using another lens. 'Hey if I need wider, I'd just stitch' - famous last words before stepping out the door.

After a whole day out, my thoughts are, shooting with an 85mm is a challenge if you're not used to the focal length!
I've made up my mind: I'm a wide-angle kinda guy, no two ways about it. There were so many times when I could have cried out for even a 50mm (I daren't mention the 14-24mm here, heresy?)"

"Here's one from the afternoon, from a shop lot that was demolished. Wouldn't have guessed it from the facade, the front wall and doors were still left standing, but for a slight tear off the newspaper-layered green glass front door.

Was reminded of Seinfeld's monologue:
That’s why when they have construction sites, they have to have those wood panel fences around it, that’s just to keep the men out. They cut those little holes for us so we can see what the hell is going on.

I would have walked right through just to take a closer look...

And though it was odd to have to cross the street just to get the appropriate comp, I waited, for the door to open, and quickly took a snap."

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