Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phew....Catastrophe averted! Just got an email from Chin as an update on Nikki.

"Just needed to share (and vent) here. Spent my last 40mins wrangling with the postal service agents. I scheduled for a pick up later this evening via their website sometime last night. 

Called today to confirm... and was told they can't locate the package, status unknown showing on their computer systems! My heart skipped a few beats, honest. Good grief, even before the adventure had begun??!!!

Took some firm and forceful persuading to go higher up the call chain until I could get someone to check at their processing and sorting facility... although admittedly my tone bordered on pleading at times.

Was so very very very happy when the guy on the line (he sounded just as happy I think) half-yelled, we found it! Collective sighs of relief at the postal center I'm positive...

Picking it up in 5 hours. Phew!"

Thanks, Chin, for taking action!

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