Monday, May 6, 2013

Curtis' Sixteenth Post

"I changed cable cars where the California Street line crossed Powell Street and headed down to Union Square.  I figured I’d catch a few photos of locals and tourists who pass through the Square.  I paused as another cable car passed and grabbed this shot of a young woman posing for her companion.  We certainly do love our cable cars!

I arrive at the square.  Something tells me these guys are locals since they don’t see to be heading any place soon.

And here is another view of the dude, this one taken with the 105 f/2.5 P AI’d that gave me a bit more reach.

And with the same lens, a photo of folks leaving the square, perhaps to grab a cable car as I planned to do.  This too was with the 105.

I thought it might be smarter to go to the foot of Powell Street to catch a cable car after noticing packed cars coming up the street.  When I reached the turntable I found perhaps fifty or sixty people in line waiting for a car.  Fortunately, the fellow standing behind me was willing to have a conversation.  It turned out he is from Sao Paolo and after spending some time in New York city, was doing a bit of traveling before heading home.  He was staying at a hostel in San Francisco and would leave a few days later for Los Angeles.  I asked if I could take a photo and he said yes.  I told him about this thread, so who knows, he may show up and say hello at some point.

So we slowly walked our way around the turntable as we waited to board.  Luiz intended to get off the Hyde Street cable car at Lombard Street so he could photograph the curvy road as it meandered down the hill.  I had other plans.  But here we were at the turntable.  I chose at that point to switch to the 55 f/1.2 S.C. AI’d to broaden my perspective a bit.  I ended up shooting with it the rest of the day…  sorry Nikki.

And finally we were on our way with another grip in charge...

We’re on our way to the end of the Hyde Street line where the world famous Buena Vista Cafe is located.  I've been looking forward to at least one Irish coffee, for which the Buena Vista is famous.   Mmm, good."

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