Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Leighton's Fourth and Last Post

This is my last post with Nikki. It has been more fun then I could ever imagine!

I'll end this adventure with just a few from the farm. It's lambing season as I type this so things are a little busy around here. Here are a few shots of the lambs and sheep.

When you throw hay in to the feeders, the sheep will stand there with their heads buried and eat.

The sheep and the dogs become good friends. We can't let the dogs in where the sheep are during lambing because it gets too hectic.

Here are a few of the chickens. The first one is some of the pullets that will be laying in a about 2 months.

The last two are the layers.

One last word about this whole adventure. The images taken with Nikki from everybody have been second to known. The cooperation of all involved has been like clock work. 

The governments from around the world could take a lesson from the way people in photography forums get along so well!

Thank you, and good night!


  1. Another test Leighton... Love these, especially the ones of Barbara with those "calves..." LOL I mean lambs.


  2. Leighton

    Excellent work with Nikki. Great to be able to comment now I have my password back :)